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What Defibrillator Will You Receive?

Red Cross has partnered with Defibtech Australia as the supplier of Lifeline View Automated External Defibrillators (AED). Defibtech Australia is a part of Device Technologies, the largest independent medical distributor in Australia.


The Lifeline VIEW AED has embedded help videos that can be used during training to review the critical steps of a rescue, providing reassurance to rescuers that they will be ready during the stress of an emergency. In addition to the help videos, the Lifeline VIEW AED has a patented status screen that shows the readiness of defibrillation pads and the defibrillators battery, as well as the overall Lifeline VIEW’s operational status. The Lifeline VIEW AED virtually maintains itself through automated daily self-tests.


Choosing an AED that’s easy for bystanders to use is important because not all AEDs are created equal.


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